((I know that the flat tire thing was only an example, but it was too good of one to not use to explain the many stages of frustrated Victor. In general, he goes from disbelief to anger to an overblown sense of helplessness before he finally gets his act together and realizes he has the resources and smarts to get things fixed. Even if the smart resourceful thing to do is calling someone else for help…))

((Seriously, though. Victor bawled his eyes out and was inconsolable for at least a week after the second parent Washington navel orange tree, which had been transplanted to the Mission Inn in 1909, died. I did not pick this particular sad memory to write about just because of tonight’s tree pun fad, though that’s probably why it came to mind.))

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December 5th, 1922

I can hardly believe that it’s gone. I shouldn’t have to believe it, but that would only be a denial of a true sad fact and a loss of such a cornerstone of my history.

Surely I was only being idealistic, to think that one of the very trees that brought me from a small dusty town to my current prominence could only thrive on the grounds of Inn that best exhibits who I am now! How could that not be a beautiful and perfect display of all that Riverside was, and is, and will be! 

That is exactly what I thought, and wrote, when president Roosevelt replanted the tree! I checked my own words! But for all I identified with this tree, I suppose my own roots cannot be in the precise same location as my fruit-bearing branches. How foolish, to try and separate these things to bring them together, when it means I end up with only this poor dead stump! I’m sorry, Aunt Eliza, that I was so overzealous as to let this happen!

I would have never thought myself one to cry over a tree, but I have proven myself wrong here as well.


Downtown Riverside adventures. Photography by me.

((“Sports Song,” from Weird Al Yankovic’s new album Mandatory Fun.

Why is this here on this blog? Because that’s the RCC Marching Tigers! The R on Al’s hat stands for Riverside!))


dude hittin the nae nae on the news


dude hittin the nae nae on the news

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Stopped by this festival thing yesterday. No idea what it was for but the costumes were pretty rad.
Downtown Riverside, CA